Kiev’s Great Galleries

Ukraine has long been admired and renowned as one of the great producers of art, the culture and history is ingrained in their artistic work and brings a reality of what this great country can offer. Kiev the majestic capital, has featured in many classical pieces of music and works of art. The beautiful and commanding city is bisected by the great Dnieper River and is home to many great galleries and works of art. In Kiev you will find magnificent classical paintings as well as folk art, religious icons and marvelous sculptures. So, no matter what is your personal taste, the galleries of Kiev have something for everybody.

Dymchuk Gallery

The mission of this gallery is to promote contemporary Ukrainian art, it does that by regularly hosting exhibitions, and participating in art auctions all over the world. Including, Kunstart 2009, Art Kyiv 2009, Arsenale 2012 and Berliner Liste 2013. The Gallery also undertakes to promote Ukrainian art through education programs both at schools and universities, this will hopefully give a better understanding of the history and beauty of Ukrainian art.

Pinchuk Art Centre

For lovers of modern art there is only really one place to go in Kiev and that is the Pinchuk Art Centre. The Art Centre holds one of the biggest collections of modern art in Eastern Europe, and one of its main patrons is Viktor Pinchuk a highly successful businessman. This wealthy entrepreneur has been responsible for many bold projects including promoting free concerts by legendary acts Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John in the center of Kiev. It has also been rumored that he has privately purchased a whole collection of Damien Hirst’s works.

Occupying six floors, the Pinchuk Art Centre has exhibits on four floors which makes it one of the largest galleries of contemporary art in Eastern Europe. The Collection Platform is a permanent exhibition showing contemporary work from leading Ukrainian artists. One of the best things about Pinchuk Art Centre is that it is completely free.

Triptych Gallery – Global Arts Workshop

The Triptych is one of the most historic art galleries in Kiev, situated in the charismatic Andreevsky Spusk, which is an old medieval cobbled street that winds its way through the heart of old Kiev. Triptych has been championing Ukrainian art since Perestroika, displaying works from legendary artists such as Anatoliy Kryvolap Serhiy Hai, Ivan Marchuk and Volodymyr Odrekhivksy and many more. The gallery and workshop actively promote Ukrainian art by means of workshops, lectures, film screenings and of course exhibitions.

Andrew’s Descent (Andriyivskyy Uzviz)

Our last gallery is not so much an actual building but an Art Area, with streets crammed full of galleries and salons, where street art is prolific. It has been nicknamed Kiev’s version of Montmatre, and is easy to see why. Try to visit on Kiev Day in May where the whole area explodes into an artistic party, with street entertainers, acrobats, musicians and mime artists. The whole area abounds with character, small alleys with cobbled streets pass street cafes, restaurants and of course galleries. Taking a trip around Kiev’s wonderful galleries is a marvellous way to understand the culture that surrounds this great old city and the people who live there.