Digital Art Worth Millions
Digital Art Worth Millions

The digital collage made by American artist known as Beeple was auctioned off for an incredible price of $69.3 million (€57.9 million), the auction of Christie announced that the virtual art rapidly gaining ground as a new and highly lucrative genre. Everydays: The First 5,000 Days has become the most expensive “irrevocable badge” (NFT) collectible […]

Performance Art – The Unsung Medium

When everyday people head to exhibitions, they expect to see paintings on the wall, whether or not they understand what they are in reference to is a different matter altogether. Canvases big and small covered in brush strokes is what the layman is anticipating, coupled with a few people gathered round talking about what it […]

Computer Artists in Animation

Since the late 90’s animation has shifted dramatically from the hand drawn cells of animator studios full of people to the computer generated polygons that now make up the increasingly real creatures and characters we have come to love. Animation is of course an art form that has evolved from drawing, eventually making enough of […]

The Artists of the Ukraine – Part 1

Art has expressed culture through the ages, and Ukrainian art has had many influences from the past and has produced a number of highly talented and famous artists. The art galleries situated in Ukraine are of high quality and display work of many different styles, including drawings, paintings, sculptures and even graphic art. The galleries […]