The Artists of the Ukraine – Part 2

We continue our journey through the great Ukrainian artists of all time in the second part of the blog. Here we feature artists such as Murashko, Bogomazov and Marchuk. These men all brought something special to Ukrainian art and left their legacy in their works.

Alexander Murashko – 1875 – 1919

Murashko was a very interesting man as he was a public figure, educator and talented artist. He developed his painting style whilst studying a contemporary, Ilya Repin, who was also a student at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Murashko’s early works were in the style of realism, but as he advanced in skill and confidence, he prefered impressionism which he was introduced to on his frequent visits to Europe. His works are understood to have also influenced the artists of the Social Realist period.

Alexander Bogomazov – 1880 – 1930

During his relatively short life, Alexander Bogomazov became a famous Ukrainian painter and one that was loved and respected. He represented the then Russian avant-garde and is often referred to as the Ukrainian Pablo Picasso. He was adept at many styles, but the two he loved the most were Spectralism and Cubo-Futurism. Bogomazov was also a highly talented writer and one of his great literary works was, The Art of Painting and the Elements. In this treatise he evaluated the interaction of the art of painting, the artist and the viewer.  His two most famous artistic works are Composition N2 and Tram.

Ivan Marchuk – 1936 –

Our most contemporary Ukrainian artist so far is Ivan Marchuk, and he is not only famous in his homeland but also in North America, where he has lived large portions of his life. He achieved a milestone in 2007 when his name was put on the Top 100 Living Geniuses list. This is a highly regarded list from the UK publication the Daily Telegraph. To date, the prolific artist has produced over four thousand paintings and his works have appeared in one hundred solo exhibitions.

Alexander Anufriev – 1940 –

The second contemporary artist on our list, Anufriev is a Soviet-Ukrainian artist who was forced to seek refuge in America for his political views, and is known his many conflicts with the authorities. Starting his artistic life in Odessa and the School of Unofficial Art Founders, his works have had limited exposure in unofficial exhibitions both abroad and in his home country. His works strongly rely on Renaissance influences and how to depict what is eternal

Alexander Roiburd – 1961-

A famous contemporary Ukrainian artist Alexander Roiburd represents the South Ukrainian Art School and is generally thought of one of Ukraine’s greatest postmodernism founders. His displays and exhibitions always cause controversy and are deeply contested. This is because his choice of subject matter to some seems offensive and vulgar, his work has been displayed all over the word at more than a hundred exhibitions and hangs in galleries and museums in many countries.

In our third and concluding part of this adventure into discovering the best Ukrainian artists there have ever been, we look into the works of more contemporary artists still producing great art today.