The Artists of the Ukraine – Part 3

The third and concluding part of our blog to look at the great Ukrainian artists of all time looks at the contemporary side of things and which artists are creating art today for the benefit of art lovers all over the world.

Without doubt, the quality of the artists we have already highlighted in this blog have demonstrated the wealth of talent that Ukraine boasts of as well as being the artistic destination of the world. Not only in painting, but in literature and other facets of art, such as sculpture and music.

Katya Gridneva – 1965 –

The first woman featured in this article was born in the Ukraine, but Katya Gridneva was educated at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. Today Gridneva resides in the UK where she lives and works in London, together with her husband (also a fellow artist).

Katya Gridneva is a highly talented and technically sound artist; she can paint in oil, pastel and charcoal. Her favorite subjects are dancers, mostly ballet dancers, and are exclusively women. Her works are proudly displayed in galleries in the UK, USA, Germany and France.

Oleg Shupliak – 1967 –

A modern artist hailing from Western Ukraine, Shupliak paints in a very contemporary style and is often referred to as the Ukrainian Salvador Dali. His work often depicts two images in one painting. His skill lays in his ability to place a second object behind the main subject matter of the piece that contrasts with the central images. Quite often the secondary image is a famous personality; in previous works characters, such as Charles Darwin and John Lennon, have appeared. Trained as an architect, Oleg Shupliak uses his trade to create optical illusions in his work, he is now recognized as one of the great illusionist painters of his time.

Irene Sheri – 1968 –

Known all over the world, Irene Sheri is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who has loved painting since the formative years of her life. Quoted as saying that painting has always been a passion in her life, her work definitely shows this.

Studying at the Art College in Ukraine, she loved art school and progressed quickly in her skill and imagination. At the young age of twenty-two she was enrolled at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world, the St. Petersburg Academy of Art.

Her works concentrate on the form and beauty of women. Although her style is abstract, the beauty is transferred onto the canvas in an expressive and emotive way. Her paintings are loved around the world and currently hang in galleries in France, Russia, Belgium and Italy.

Irene Sheri is our last artist that features in this series as one of the greatest artists of the Ukraine. The wealth and depth of talent that all our introduced painters have exhibited has been quite remarkable. It shows the depth of talent that the Ukraine has in terms of artistic quality, all the famous people we have featured display extraordinary talent and it is amazing that they all hail from the same country. Perhaps it remarks on the culture and heritage of the Ukraine, seeing how it can produce so many great painters.