The World’s Best Designed Contemporary Art Galleries – Part 1

It is right and proper that the world’s best pieces of art live in the best homes, and art galleries and museums should be buildings that provoke thought and discussion as much as the very art found inside. Traditional old and classic buildings are fine examples of what kind of architecture should be custodians of priceless art.

But when it comes to designing a modern building for art, what should be the design parameters?

In this blog we look at some of the best new art galleries and museums in the world. These new additions of architecture are indeed actually art themselves, they are statements in glass, metal and concrete and fill visitors with awe even before they enter them. Some of the architecture we focus on are additions to existing buildings whilst others are purpose built new buildings. One thing they all have in common is that they are all contemporary and designed by elite artists of today.

Guggenheim – Spain

This remarkable building is a work of art in itself, Frank Gehry designed this ultra-modern and is probably his best ever work. The walls are made out of titanium which reflect the buildings’ surroundings and the ever-fluctuating weather. The main design focus of Gehry’s design is to capture and reflect light, this makes the building shine out from the rest of the other buildings that surround it. There is an abundance of glass and limestone that combine perfectly.

The Akron Art Museum – USA

The designers and architects of this fantastic contemporary building in Akron knew they wanted to make an urban statement that contributed to the surrounding buildings of the city. This was in their minds when they created the extension to the existing gallery, the original building of limestone and brick has a further three storeys of gleaming glass and steel.

The leading component in the construction is crystal glass which forms an impressive entrance, it is also used extensively in the Gallery Box and the Roof Cloud, which appears to be floating above the whole structure. The design incorporates energy saving features including the extensive use of natural light.

The Natural Museum of Art – Japan

Unusually the main part of this construction is underground, the only visible feature is that of a giant insect looking structure made out of glass and steel. This ultra-modern statement in Osaka was the brainchild of architects Pelli Clarke Pelli, and even though most of the structure is beneath the surface there is plenty of natural light. The structure above the earth is meant to resemble reeds along a riverbank not a giant insect.

These great contemporary buildings paved the way for other architects and designers to rethink what constitutes great design. Modern materials such as concrete and steel can be highly effective in the use of contemporary construction and do not in any way look outdated or out of place.

In part two of this blog we will be looking at great new constructions in the USA, Canada and Norway, each is highly different and ultra-modern in design and construction.