The World’s Greatest Art Galleries – Part 1

Art in all of its forms is displayed in galleries all over the world, some of the actual galleries and museums are most decadent and in this blog, we search for some of the greatest art galleries in the world.

Le Louvre – Paris

Perhaps one of the best-known museums in the world is The Louvre in Paris, and its most recognized piece is of course the Mona Lisa. Originally a medieval castle and home to the kings of France it was transformed into a museum and gallery over two hundred years ago. The Louvre is highly recognizable by the glass pyramid which was added in 1989, and featured in the blockbuster film the Da Vinci Code. This impressive new entrance has been criticized in many quarters, but you cannot argue that it is most striking. Another big attraction to see is the Venus de Milo which is one of the world’s greatest sculptures accredited to the artist Alexandros.

The Acropolis – Athens

This is one of the instances that the actual museum itself is just as important as the artwork it contains. The stunning transparent glass floor provides a walkway that visitors can literally walk over history. The archaeological dig under visitor’s feet is an amazing record of a time long gone. The main attraction of the museum is the frieze of the Parthenon which is mounted on a platform with the same dimensions as the actual original cellar.

State Hermitage – St. Petersburg

Russia has a rich history, and although it may not be as chic as Rome or Paris to some people, there is no doubt that the State Hermitage deserves its place on the world’s stage. The museum has an enviable and vast collection of fine art, with over three million art items going back as far as the Stone Age right up to the present day. The State Hermitage is not actually just one museum, it is a collection of six buildings lined up on the famous river in St. Petersburg, the Neva. The most impressive building is the famous Winter Palace, which is a fabulous blue and white building that was completed in 1764 and as the name suggest was the former palace of the Tzars of Russia. Indeed, it was Catherine the Great who founded the museum with a focus on Western European art. Exhibits include works from: Rubens, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Gauguin, van Gogh, Cezanne, da Vinci and Picasso.

The British Museum – London

The largest museum in Great Britain houses a wonderful collection of ethnography and archaeology. The museum houses over 8 million exhibits from gold jewels to prehistoric bones. The main attraction of the British Museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of Egyptian antiquities that include the contentious Rosetta Stone dating back to 196 B.C.

The British Museum concludes part one of the world’s greatest museums and art galleries, in part two we delve into other outstanding buildings that house some of the best art that has ever been produced by man. We take a trip to The Prado in Spain and Vatican City among others.